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Charamba union is located at Lohagara Upzilla in Chittagong of Bangladesh. The communication way of this union is stayed to the south-east side from the Chittagong town. Besides the main transport way of it is to east side from the Padua baro awalia dargha station on Chittagong Coxbazar highway road. Its distance is about 75 kilometers.
Charamba is surrounded with natural beauty.It is a well developed area. The people of different communities live here together in peace. Most of the educated people of this are engaged with different high professions at home and abroad. The entire communication system of this area is so high and easy. The geographical condition of it is north side –Padua union, south side- Kalaujan union, east side-Tankabati union and west side-Amirabad union.
The total number of people of this area is about 35 thousand. There are some religious institutions such as 58 jame masjids and 6 temples at this area. The number of literated people of this area is 70% and there are also some educational institutions such as 10 Madrasha (2 Dhakil and 8 Abtedaee)16 Schools (2 High School,6 Public Primary School, 6 Private Primary School and 2 KG School) at this area. Besides There are 3 local Hats, 3 Health Complex, 2 Canals, 6 Villages , 2 Post Offices (Vaya And Padua, code-4397), 16 Paras, 3 Wards (A,B,C) and 9 Blocks at this area.
Remarkable Point: - The Mahajan Mosjid stayed the entering point of the welfare residential area of Charamba.
Value:-It’s a place of visiting area and charming natural beauty.
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